Hope Chats | Episode 1 | Mental Health for Covid-19

Hopeful Conversations. Small groups: https://www.newhopepotsdam.org/resour… Mental Health for Covid-19 Stick to a routine. Dress as you would for work/to meet a friend for coffee. Stay hydrated and eat healthy. Get outside for at least 30 minutes a day. Move (workout/stretch) for 30 minutes each day. Reach out to others daily: phone calls/email/texts/cards/letters. Play! Give people the benefit of the doubt – go easy on yourself and others because we are all under stress. Expect behavioral issues in kids AND adults as we cope with new realities and restrictions. Find a retreat space. Notice what is good and practice gratitude. Be appreciative of the service of others when you do shop, take in the mail, etc… Limit social media. Help others. Find something you can control (clean/organize/create). Engage in repetitive movements (knitting). Find humor. Reach out for help! Remind yourself that this is not going to last forever. (“This, too, shall pass.”) Find the lessons: “What am I learning from all of this? What are we learning from all of this?”

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